The All-in-1 solution for Btraced Track & Trace

Somehow the Btraced post I wrote some time ago was somewhat half-finished. That post explained how to use a Raspberry Pi as your private Btraced upload server and briefly shows what you can do with your GPS data. What I did not cover was how to get the Btraced information in a web page. Btraced on Google MapsFor me personally, getting the Btraced information to a MQTT broker was the only thing I needed to do to get it all working, because the rest was already covered – and I figured that creating a webpage that could receive the Btraced information and display it was a bit too trivial to mention. Nevertheless, last week I did a small ‘remake’ of the Btraced code I wrote, cause I thought it would be nice to also create an All-in-1 solution for Btraced for those that don’t use MQTT or don’t have a web-server (or both ;-)).

Combining the Btraced upload server, reverse geo-coding and a web-server in one ‘package’ running on a single Raspberry Pi, fully self-supporting, that was the idea. No need for another web-server anymore, nothing – just a Raspberry Pi and the Btraced app. And of course everything’s working real-time, cause nowadays you don’t have to settle for less anymore.

Btraced codeMost of the code was already finished, all that needed to be added was a web-server and a way to get the uploaded, parsed & extended Btraced information to the web clients (the browser(s)).

And of course some static content like a html page, style sheet and some Javascript.

And the result is great – a light-weight web page, served by the Raspberry Pi that gives you real-time access to the Btraced GPS information on any device with a web browser on board – and all with the power usage of a single Raspberry Pi. Saving the uploaded data in a database is not supported yet but should be very easy to accomplish. And there are more things that can be easily added once you have a Raspberry running..not just Btraced related; Pieter and I are currently discussing some options.

Interested? Let me know. In the mean time, happy tracking!