Smart meter installed

Finally! It took 2 days off, 2 months, 5 phonecalls to Liander and 5 men to install the smart meter in our house. But after it was installed, the smart meter was ‘online’ in a matter of minutes! 😉 An FTDI TTL-232R USB cable (5V), RJ-11 connector and Maarten’s blog post were all that was needed to get the P1 output logged to a file:



Because I didn’t want to wait till (maybe) 2020, I applied  for a priority installation of a smart meter in our house in June this year. On July 2nd a mechanic showed up, but his visit was a very short one – I didn’t have the right gas valve (the mechanic called it a “wilson” valve…). Apparently this valve wasn’t good enough anymore, so it had to be replaced before the smart meter could be installed. This mechanic told me that over time the grease inside this “wilson valve” would dry up, which increases the friction inside the valve and the valve would not completely close anymore, no matter how hard the valve knob was turned. Result: gas leakage and nothing you can do about it.

The mechanic made some pictures of the valve and sent them to Liander; Liander would call me, he said. Okay, let’s cut them some slack; 3 weeks later we’d go to Italy on holiday, so I decided to postpone this mission till after we returned. But after I went back to work for a week or 2 and still hadn’t heard anything from Liander for 7 weeks, I decided to call them myself.

After 3 phonecalls to get in touch with the right person, the new date was set to september 3rd. The 2 men that came to our house last Monday told me they also had to replace the gas piping, so they started digging a hole in our front yard. Later that morning the electrician arrived; with the wrong meter: 3-phase instead of single phase! Someone else had to bring the right meter – so now there were 4 people working on our smart meter… all for the price of 70 Euro’s 🙂

Around noon everything was working again. Well, not everything… The gas meter doen’t seem to be ‘paired’ with the power meter as can be seen in the output of the P1 port:


The number in red should display the gas usage and the blue number should be a recent timestamp. This could change in a few days, cause from what I’ve heard the pairing can also be done from a distance. I hope this doesn’t take too long, cause I’m in the dark regarding our gas usage now, cause counting the pulses of the rotating mirror is not possible anymore; there’s an LCD on the gas meter now.

I can still monitor the power usage though, with my DIN rail mounted KWh meter with S0 output.

And now it’s time to find a way to feed the P1 output to my system, cause USB is not the best option for that!

Smart meter is on its way

Smart meterLiander, our grid operator for electricity and gas, started installing Smart meters in January 2012. Liander expects that in 2020, 80% of all the households in the area they’re responsible for, will have a Smart meter. I don’t like waiting that long and that’s why I applied for a priority installation of a Smart meter in our house.
That was last weekend; last Tuesday we got the confirmation and next Monday the Smart meter will be installed! 🙂
Wow, that’s fast; probably because the priority installation comes with some extra costs – namely 70 Euro.

But … this is a bit too fast, actually.. I mean, once the new Smart Meter has been installed, we won’t have a gas meter with a reflective “6” anymore which means I won’t be able to monitor our gas usage anymore. Something needs to be done about that, and fast; I hope our kids won’t read this, cause they’ll take advantage of this and immediately turn the shower knobs to ‘full steam’, knowing that I can’t keep an eye on their gas usage! 😉 And I won’t be able to spend time on this before Wednesday, or even later; but there’s hope…

The Smart meter that will arrive next Monday will have a so-called P1 interface. Maarten Damen has already experimented with this and also developed a SmartMeter Plugin for his HouseAgent; this looks like a good opportunity to broaden the horizon and look beyond the software I make myself and see what’s available ‘next door’, as I mentioned earlier.

Well, I hope I can say more about how this worked out soon!