Sending SMS from my Home Automation software

One of the things that has been on my wishlist for some time, was being able to send SMS from my Home Automation application. For example, that when the door bell rings or one of the smoke detectors issues an alert, i would like to receive an SMS alert with information about what’s going on at home.

I don’t have a GSM modem yet, so i had to look for some SMS service provider on the web. Today i did some research and i found out that VoipBuster does exactly that. For EUR 0,05 per SMS you can send SMS messages just by doing a HTTP call with some extra parameters like from, to, etc.:

Pretty straightforward, i’d say:

* username: your VoipBuster username
* password: your VoipBuster password
* from: your username or your verified phone number in international format, like +31612345678
* to: the number you wish the sms to be sent to, also in international format.
* text: the message you want to send

After some trying some things with SSL i got things going in an hour with 50 lines of coding:

I think this will do just fine, untill i’ll have my own GSM modem one day.. 🙂