Monitoring power usage

kWh meterBefore we had a smart meter, I used a DIN-rail kWh-meter that had a so-called S0 output; for every Wh of power usage this kWh-meter gave a pulse.

A RFXMeter transmitter with pulse counter and a RFXCOM receiver did the rest to get the counter value into my Home Automation system; storing the power usage data in a database made it possible to create charts of the power usage; with a resolution of an hour, we’ve got historic data of our power usage all the way back to 2007:

powerchartyears powerchartmonths powerchartdays powercharthours

For monitoring individual appliances I use Plugwise, handled by a NodeJS module instead of the standard Plugwise software with its strange upload feature.

Since September 2012 we have a smart meter which gives even more detailed information about our power usage; more on that here.

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