Monitoring incoming phone calls

Finally, last Monday i made the switch to VOIP. And with the Fritz!Box FON 7170 installed as ADSL modem i managed to get monitoring of incoming calls back online. The first thing i did was turning on the Telnet server on the Fritz; this can be done by picking up the phone and dialing #96*7*. You can kill it again by dialing #96*8*.

In the past i’ve read a lot about Fritz! modems having syslogd on board, so i thought this would be a piece of cake; just tell syslog to send to my HA PC and pick it up from there and analyze it…
However, no more syslogd on the Fritz anymore, these days. Well not one i could recognize as such. A real bummer. Now what?

I could think of nothing else then just calling our own phone number and watch if any messages would appear in the telnet session or maybe other things were happening in the box that could give me a lead.

And it did; on the screen i saw messages appearing like ‘script file /var/calllog not found’, ‘script file /var/flash/calllog not found’, so that could be a good starting point.
I asked google if it could help me and i discovered some great german sites where there’s a huge Fritz community doing all kinds of cool stuff with their Fritz boxes.
I stumbled upon some pages describing what this calllog script can be used for and i made a little script:

Apparently this calllog script is called with a few parameters like calling phone number, called phone number etc. The only thing the script does is send these parameters to my Home Automation application using nc (netcat). With a TCP server built in my HA app listening on the same port as specified in the script i can now receive information coming from my Fritz. So after nearly 6 months of abscence, logging of incoming calls is back online.

Next Fritz project: outgoing calls.

New DSL modem installed

This weekend i installed a new DSL modem that arrived on friday. It’s a AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170. It is replacing my good old Speedtouch 510i, that has been working for 6 years, right from when i started using DSL. The Fritz!Box gives me a nice solution for switching to VOIP.

With the changing of the modem, i could no longer use the SIP-spoof method with my old Speedtouch anymore, where the NIC of the firewall gets your external IP address, instead of the modem. So, it was time to get rid of my old firewall and replace it was something new. So now i have a new modem, a new firewall and 1 PC less to be on for 24 hours a day. It cost me 2 evenings to get it all up and running again, but it was worth the effort.