A new touchscreen

Over the years our ASUS Eee TOP became slower and slower and it needed to be replaced by something else. But what should it be?

A 7, or even a 10 inch touchscreen would be too small for us. We need 16 inches or more 😉 After searching quite some time for a good replacement, I came up with this:

  • IIyama ProLite T2252MTS-B3
  • Intel STK1AW32SC (aka Intel Compute Stick)

A 22″ inch touchscreen with an Intel Compute Stick; connected to each other with HDMI (and USB for touch of course). And the Compute Stick can be easily tucked away behind the IIyama screen, so that would make a nice, ‘clean’ setup with enough processing power to run a web browser in kiosk mode to fulfill our needs.

More later…  I have to answer some comments first 😉

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