FTTH, finally

Today there’s been a mechanic to connect us to XS4All FTTH. Wow..

FTTH speed

Yep, it really is 50/50, as promised by the ISP 😉 50/50 is the ‘lowest’ FTTH subscription in terms of bandwidth, actually it’s the same as we had with our ADSL subscription, but ADSL only gave us about 10/1 Mbps. Last year has been an almost constant ‘battle’ for bandwidth here (especially between my son and me), so it was time for an upgrade.

A good illustration of the ‘hunger’ some of us here have is the downstream chart the new FitzBox 7490 produces:


“Just some game updates…” Ah well, maybe soon it will be images for his Raspberry 😉

Installation went fine; after succesfully testing the new Internet connection on a laptop I changed the gateway in the DHCP options of my DHCP server. And because I had all devices on a short leash, within a matter of a few hours everything switched to the new FTTH connection. As always DNS is a bit slower in understanding what’s going on, but this evening almost everything worked as it should.

On to the next adventure: next Thursday 12 solar panels will be installed on the (flat) roof of our house!

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