FTTH, finally

Today there’s been a mechanic to connect us to XS4All FTTH. Wow..

FTTH speed

Yep, it really is 50/50, as promised by the ISP 😉 50/50 is the ‘lowest’ FTTH subscription in terms of bandwidth, actually it’s the same as we had with our ADSL subscription, but ADSL only gave us about 10/1 Mbps. Last year has been an almost constant ‘battle’ for bandwidth here (especially between my son and me), so it was time for an upgrade.

A good illustration of the ‘hunger’ some of us here have is the downstream chart the new FitzBox 7490 produces:


“Just some game updates…” Ah well, maybe soon it will be images for his Raspberry 😉

Installation went fine; after succesfully testing the new Internet connection on a laptop I changed the gateway in the DHCP options of my DHCP server. And because I had all devices on a short leash, within a matter of a few hours everything switched to the new FTTH connection. As always DNS is a bit slower in understanding what’s going on, but this evening almost everything worked as it should.

On to the next adventure: next Thursday 12 solar panels will be installed on the (flat) roof of our house!

My Web-app (and more)

Since I lack the time to write a lot of text but did want to share some thing going on here, I thought it would be nice to share some images of my Web-app which I’ve developed. I started with it in 2012 but most of the work has been done in some spare time since the last half year.

Below the first and last page I made: the Home screen and a handy page with just the five most important buttons while relaxing on the couch, watching TV after another day of work.

The icons on the Home screen take you to pages for controlling lights, roller shutters, thermostat, garage door, front door lock, robot vacuum cleaner, alarm, what’s left, info pages, TV and house modes & settings.

Home screen   Watching TV

The first remark after I deployed the web-app to my wife and kids was: “it’s nice that I can control everything, but I can’t see what’s happening at home while I’m away” – that’s what some of the pages below have been added as well:

Doors and windows   Motion

Temperatuees, humidity, energy consumption; the latter one helped me to conclude that the thermostat of an old refrigerator was indeed broken.

Temperatures   Energy panel

Roller shutters, lights and some various things…

Roller shutters   Misc. devices

As you can see: just a bunch of simple icons, no flashy colors, animations or other distracting things – hey, I’m no graphic designer and I don’t wanna be – much too hard for me to do… but it’s working great and that’s the only thing that really matters to me 😉


The more part in the title is about a couple of things that will all happen very soon and which are all just as exciting and worthy enough to get their own dedicated posts:

  • finally, in about 3 weeks we’ll have 12 solar panels on our roof, the Node script for monitoring the inverter is already on stand-by 🙂
  • fiber Internet connection of 50/50 Mbit should be functional around the same time, working on a real router to take over the function the Fritz!Box 7490;
  • this WordPress blog will probably be moved to an Odroid or Banana Pi;
  • I’m also switching from Windows-based hMailserver to Postfix/Dovecot (+ add-ons)

Somewhere in December all of this should be fully functional – you’ll read all about it in the near future!