FTTH arriving soon!

Fiber optic

OK, it will still take some time before we can really start using it, but it’s irreversible now – FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is coming!

And I must say that I’m very pleased about that, because an 8/1 Mbps ADSL internet connection just isn’t enough for us anymore. Since a year or so our son seems to be constantly downloading games from Steam and/or PSN, our daughter likes to Skype and both of them behave like YouTube addicts… they’re able to generate so much traffic that everything else (my website, weblog, … ) sometimes take minutes to load 🙁 . And I just can’t handle that, it’s becoming very annoying – sometimes it looks as if we’re still living in the 64 kbps ISDN era… But that’s gonna change, soon – with a 50/50 or 100/100 Mbps internet connection those problems should be gone, right? 😉

I know I could have ‘upgraded’ our internet connection a long time ago by using cable, but when I read statements from our cable company UPC like “Consumers don’t need much upload bandwidth, they only want download” I know that’s not going to work – I want both ways!

Last month the fiber company that’s responsible for connecting the village in which we live to fiber, started with the job. We however, will have to wait until the last quarter of this year before we’ll be connected. Can’t wait!


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