Now this is CNC!

CNC millRecently I visited Robin, someone I know from the Domoticaforum. He and I share some common interests like Domotica; another one is CNC.

Robin has been sending me pictures of his home-brew CNC mill now and then for a year or so, and now it was time to visit him and have a look how it performed. Wow…

The frame of his mill is made of 10 mm steel, the portal is made of 10 mm aluminum. The X-axis has 2 and the Y-Axis has 1 x 4.8 Nm stepper-motors, the Z-Axis is driven by a 2 Nm stepper.

The 4 drivers that control the stepper-motors are connected to a Parallel breakout boards as well as the stops. The linear guide-ways are made of  hard chrome and are equipped with linear ball bearings.

The software that Robin uses for his creations, consists of 2 parts: Vectric VCarve and Mach3.


Time for a demonstration!

Robin asked me what I’d like to take home with me; “your house number?”  Hmmm.. I know something better.. So we searched for the ‘Bio Hazard‘ symbol and copy/pasted it to VCarve, added some text and within 10 minutes the design for the board on the door of my hobby-room was ready. We let VCarve generate the G-code, saved it to a file on Robins NAS and went to the CNC PC with Mach3 installed on it. We homed the milling cutter and started the milling:

Cool stuff, I want one too! What a pity that I can only spend my money once; choices, choices….

I took the board home and started painting. And after a few days, the end result is this:

2013-08-11 14.31.5400Thanks Robin!


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3 Responses to Now this is CNC!

  1. Pieter says:

    Kick ass ding….yo Ro ik wil er ook 1 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Hey Pieter, What… a quadcopter or cnc machine… ?

    * grin *

  3. That is a great little set up. The Home Brew CNC Machine Shop equipment is getting so good it will soon be giving my company food for thought. Especially as we have just had to pay out BIG money to increase the local electricity grid as our machines are drinking power like I knock back the beers on a Friday night!

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