Audyssey rocks

About 10 days ago I visited someone who takes home cinema serious – very serious! He built a cinema under his house, roughly the size of our living-room; what I saw and heard there was astonishing, overwhelming and amazing in every way!

During the demonstration of his Home Cinema he also showed some of the things he had done to improve the performance of his audio & video equipment and 2 things were very clear – Audyssey and the Darbee Darblet were the keywords.

I was particularly struck by the influence that Audyssey can have on the sound. Wait, wait… Audyssey, doesn’t my Onkyo TX-NR709 also have that on board? Yes it does! So around midnight when I left on my way back home in my car, I was already making plans for the next evening – I’m gonna hook up the Audyssey mic to my AV receiver and do a Audyssey run!

Audyssey mic on a tripod

So that next evening I managed to get everyone else upstairs around 10 o’clock (“you’re all looking very tired”) and I was ready to perform my 1st Audyssey run. I was curious if I would witness that same big improvement in sound quality as I did the day before, where I heard the difference between sound with and without Audyssey influence.

Half an hour later the Audyssey test was completed – and WOW, I just couldn’t believe it, but my ears didn’t lie – everything had changed! All surround speakers now performed equally well which gave a tremendous boost to the ‘surround’ experience, the highs and the lows were all present in the way they should be – well, I just can’t describe it but this was really a huge improvement! The next day the rest of the family was just as surprised by the new sound as me – unbelievable..

So why didn’t I do this when I started using this AV receiver? Stupid me… I never thought it would make such a big difference and after a month or so the Audyssey mic disappeared in a box in the garage and I never thought about it again. But it only takes about half an hour or so and the impact is really worth it. Even if it would take a whole afternoon, now that I know the end result, I would always do a Audyssey optimization from now on.

So if you also have a AV receiver with Audyssey mentioned on the casing or mentioned in the manual – use it, it’s Highly recommended!

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