Insteon for the EU market

Last week I got an email from a Dutch Home Automation shop about a new product they’re selling. It’s the Insteon Hub, which enables you to control X10 with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Actually, in a broader perspective, what’s more exciting about this email is the fact that Insteon apparently made it to the other side of the big pond with their products.

But I was a bit puzzled about the email too – Insteon, that’s the company that makes the dual-mesh Home Automation products, right? Now that makes it even more interesting!

I’ve been asked by to help as a beta tester for Insteon since the past 4 months or so, and I know from my own experience that Insteon is not just about X10, it’s capable of much more. Just think of it: dual-mesh, mesh technology both on your powerline and RF. Most users of powerline-only Domotica hardware will have experienced that sometimes the communication can fail – a washing machine, TV or smart phone chargers can create too much noise on the powerline for the signal to arrive where it has to; and that’s where mesh and RF can kick in to make sure that the command does arrive at the module you wanted to control.

The Insteon dual-mesh technology has been around for quite some time and I would really like to use it in my home – dual-mesh sounds much better. It’s even better than PLCBUS (a powerline technology I use a lot over here; it never became really popular, yet outperforms X10 in many ways).

And that is what Insteon is about in my opinion – new and better technology, more reliable by combining powerline and RF.

To be continued…

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