Showing off

Not that what I’m talking about in this post is something special or unique, but it’s just that the things I completed last week are a big step in the right direction – big enough to post about and show off a bit in a small demonstration 😉

It’s all a logical follow-up on the smart meter we have in our house since September 3rd of this year. I decided to transform this smart meter into a MQTT client so that my Domotica system wouldn’t have to parse the P1 datagrams every 10 seconds and filter what had changed since the previous datagram. Instead I used a SimpleCortex to parse the datagrams and made it publish new values to a MQTT broker (Mosquitto) and I added a MQTT client to my Domotica system to subscribe to the various smart meter topics. The last step in the smart meter project was creating a web page to display the information from the smart meter in real-time.

This all went very well; well enough to upgrade my Touchscreen application that’s running in the living room on a Asus Eee Top, from UDP broadcast to MQTT as well (to receive updated values from my Domotica system).

And I knew I had all the tools available to start working on another type of user interface – web based this time. So I bought a new Andoid tablet (we needed one for upstairs anyway), saw JQuery Mobile, liked it and just started developing and testing some basic web pages, all with the wish of being able to use this new UI on our smart phones as well.

And last week I completed the technical side of things – I (we) can now also control all our roller shutters and lights from our tablets, PCs, smart phones – anything that has a browser.

And to show how it all works together, I made a small video showing (off) a light bulb being controlled in/from 3 different ways – a PC browser, a smart phone and the touchscreen application. Wow!

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2 Responses to Showing off

  1. pag says:

    Could-you give the source codes ?
    Thank you
    Best regards,

    • What part are you interested in?
      “The source code” would imply the VB.Net application, my HA system and the jQuerymobile pages.
      That’s a bit too much I guess..

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