Putting it all together

Today the time had come to implement some things I wrote about during the last weeks/months.

My Domotica system did already have a MQTT client for some time, but not in the right way. I added a MQTT client some time ago, but since life without MQTT has become unthinkable, I felt it was time to transform the client into a MQTT driver. The way I do things, each driver lives in its own thread, not the main VCL thread so to speak. This has several advantages and it also allows me to (re)start the MQTT driver when I need or want to. And I get some statistics about the amount of bytes going in and out, the number of events that occurred and so on. Finished that yesterday.

While working on the Simplecortex Opentherm Gateway code, I improved the code that automatically reconnects the Simplecortex to the MQTT broker. This is a very important aspect, cause I really don’t like resetting/rebooting things when the machine on which the MQTT broker runs, has rebooted for some reason; all clients should reconnect as if nothing has happened.. the new Simplecortex code had to be implemented in the Simplecortex code for my Smart meter as well.

Another thing I’ve been working on recently is the TFTP bootloader. I tested it numerous times, but didn’t implement it yet. With the second Simplecortex almost ready for action, the time had come to work on that too. So I changed both the Smart meter and Opentherm Gateway projects so that the resulting binary file was suitable to be downloaded by the TFTP bootloader and flashed the TFTP bootloader to my Smart meter Simplecortex.

And today I upgraded the VB.Net app running on our Asus EEE Top touch screen in the living room.

Touch screen

Until today, this DDMC Touch application got its information from my Domotica system by means of UDP broadcast and I changed that UDP part to MQTT subscriptions.  Since the way the information arrives is not that different actually, I managed to transform this touch application from UDP to MQTT in less than 2 hours. Commands sent from the touchscreen back to the system are still done the XML-RPC way, but that will be changed too.

And so today I’ve started using a new version of my Domotica system, updated the Smart meter code on the Simplecortex and updated the touch application. Enough changes in one day to give it some time and see if there are any serious bugs present – so the next few days, all I will do is watch, clean my office and do nothing else….

No wait… now I can spend some time on some other unfinished projects!

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