Publishing smart meter P1 data

Got it!

I just had to know whether my Simplecortex code was any good; it would be nice to see some real results instead of all the test results that were created along the way. The code was in a ‘workable’ state so I was ready to test if I could turn the Simplecortex into a MQTT client and publish the relevant smart meter P1 data.

I already downloaded Mosquitto somewhere in July, tried some simple (and successful) tests with a Delphi MQTT Client, but now it was time for the real thing. The Simplecortex was already running when I started the mosquitto server from a command line and I saw the Simplecortex connecting to the mosquitto server (great, auto connect works):

Mosquitto server

No timeouts, disconnects or any other thing that looked suspicious; so lets see if the Simplecortex is actually publishing something. For that I started a mosquitto client from another command prompt to subscribe to the topic for the current power usage:

Mosquitto client

Yes! Every 10 seconds I see the current power usage being updated;  cool, it works!

The biggest hurdle I had to take was the fact that the uIP API doesn’t allow you to just send outgoing data when/where you’d like to – no, the uIP API calls the application (a C function) when data is received, data has been delivered to the other end, when a new connection has been set up, and when data has to be sent. Therefore I had to use a sort of publish queue to store the MQTT publish messages until the uIP API allowed the application (the MQTT client on the Simplecortex) to actually send the data to the MQTT broker.  But the uIP stack had some good examples of which I gladly made use of 🙂

Does this mean I’m finished? Not yet.. There are still some things I’m not happy about; the way some things are setup in code right now. Ping for example, uses a hardware timer which throws an interrupt way too often for an interval of (now) 30 seconds. And the UART is being read in main(); I want that nicely tucked away too. And there are some other things that still need to be improved, all caused by my lack of C knowledge – while developing code for part B, I realize I could better have coded part A in a different way (and better)!

But for now, I’m going to sit back, relax and watch it working 🙂

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