Smart meter P1 project is doing fine

Surprise! Today I saw the following:



Yep, this means the gas usage is working too now! I called Liander last Monday to tell them my gas usage still wasn’t working and that I still got all zeroes. I had a bit of a problem explaining what I was doing (dunno why…), but at the end of the conversation I got the feeling my problem was taken seriously. That same day (late in the evening, as I found out today) the gas usage suddenly popped up; good, very good!

This evening I also managed to get the Simplecortex to automatically recover from lost connections. This is very very important because not being able to do that automatically would be a real show-stopper for me. Just think of it, that you would have to press the reset button after network problems or any other reason a connection has to be re-established; sounds horrible!

This weekend I’m going to have a look at 2 options to invert the P1 signal: a 7404 inverter IC or a BS170 transistor. These 2 options enable me to connect the cable from the P1 port directly to the UART of the Simplecortex; no additional components needed. I read about that last option (BS170) here and I just couldn’t resist ordering the parts for both options to see how they both work. Just out of curiosity…

And I’ll have to modify the UART library a bit cause as this library is now, it only supports 8 bits, no parity and 1 stopbit.

Next week will probably be dominated by adding MQTT Publishing support to the Simplecortex project.

This means that if all goes well,  at the end of next week I can install the Simplecortex near the smart meter and start subscribing to the smart meter topics!

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