Processing the smart meter data

Gas usage still doesn’t work, but I consider that a minor issue – getting the P1 data processed and into my system is what keeps my busy right now.

And I think I know how I’m going to do it; with a Simplecortex. I could take the (relatively) easy road and use an Arduino(-Ethernet) or a JeeNode (with Ether Card), but using a Simplecortex sounds much better actually 😉

Because it’s something new.. I’ll get the chance to learn more about the uIP TCP/IP stack, I’ll have to enhance the Simplecortex UART library so that it will also support 7-E-1 instead of only the standard 8-N-1, I’ll have to browse through the LPC1769 manual and I’m sure those things won’t be the only challenges I’m going to face in the next couple of weeks.

I know that I will need more time doing things this way, but I don’t care, actually.Cause for me creating is more fun than having/using it.

So today I ordered my 2nd Simplecortex, selected an enclosure and some ‘extras’ to take care of inverting the P1 signal. And this evening I’ve started with the software for the Simplecortex which should parse the P1 data, reduce it to the stuff I need from it and make sure it arrives in my domotica system.

And this is why Domotica is the perfect hobby for me; yesterday I had responsive web design on my mind, today it was about smart meters, and I seriously don’t know what tomorrow will bring – but what I do know is that it will be another exciting subject I want to know more about!

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