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Time for something new…

Proliphix NT20eThe Proliphix NT20e has been in use for almost 3 years now. The Proliphix thermostat has brought me a lot of fun (integrating it into my Domotica system, working on the Homeseer Proliphix Plugin to add Celsius support) and comfort. ButΒ it’s time for a change!

Last year I built a Opentherm Gateway, because we noticed that a modulating boiler performed much better than a on/off controlled boiler -modulation made the “up’s and down’s” in temperatures disappear – the temperature became much more constant, which also made the floor heating much more comfortable than before.

However, the Honeywell Evohome set I used last year didn’t work well with the Opentherm Gateway; I could not override the temperature setpoint with the Gateway, which was the primary reason why I built it πŸ™

I don’t know why it didn’t work, but it may have something to do with the EvoHome RF communication being not 100% 2-way?

Honeywell Chronotherm

So yesterday I dismantled the Proliphix and replaced it with a Honeywell Chronotherm Modulation (wired version). The thermostat cable running from the boiler to this new thermostat has been extended so I can give the Opentherm Gateway a place out of sight, connect a Serial to Ethernet server to it and remotely monitor the OpenTherm traffic as well as override the room setpoint.

To be continued…

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13 Responses to Exit Proliphix Thermostat

  1. jwestra says:

    Very interested in this. I am currently building a house and could not find any good connected thermostat solution that supports modulation.
    So you can fully control this thermostat over a serial port?

    • Yep.. well, you can’t change the thermostats own week program over the serial port, but you can override the temperature setpoint, which is what I need πŸ˜‰
      Here’s a list of features (copied from http://www.tclcode.com/opentherm/index.html of the Opentherm Gateway I have:

      • Forward OpenTherm messages between the thermostat and the boiler
      • Report about the messages on the serial interface
      • Change the thermostat setpoint
      • Set the clock of the thermostat
      • Send the outside temperature to the thermostat
      • Control the domestic hot water option of the boiler
      • Obtain additional information from the boiler
  2. jwestra says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Will the gateway be sitting between the thermostat and the boiler or next to the thermostat?
    I think I will already get exactly the same thermostat and was planning to use the phone input (with a JeeNode) to at least be able to switch between day and night temperature. But overriding the setpoint is a lot better of course.

  3. You’re right; just cut the thermostat cable, put the OT Gateway in between, power the OT gateway and you’re set! Ultimate goal (for me) is of course to lower the temperature setpoint whenever possible (nobody @ home etcetera) and save on heating costs.

  4. Patrick says:

    Hey Robert,

    I always read your blog with great pleasure, but I have a question about thus OT gateway stuff. Why did you choose to have a thermostat that does have schedules? Because all your switching logic is in your home automation system, it would be easier to have your shedules there and just set the setpoint of the thermostat from there? You can do with a more simple thermostat.
    Maybe I’m missing something…

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks. And you’re right, I could have chosen a much simpler OT thermostat. I chose the Honeywell Chronotherm because of it’s size, cause the thermostat is in fact one big cover-up πŸ™‚
      The wall doesn’t look that good under the thermostat anymore; the color of the plaster (granol) is a bit different and there are lots of holes in the wall from all the previous thermostats we had, so (for me) the ‘smartest’ thing to do was to buy a thermostat that would just cover all those flaws πŸ˜‰

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  7. Good morning,

    I came across this blog and just thought I would comment back in an effort to update those of you who posted. Please note that the NT series has not been in production for nearly three years. Our NT’s have been (and still are) widely used and positively reviewed by our customers, but our current model is the IMT550 which is available in both wired and wireless models. Used in conjunction with our cloud-based UniVista Energy Manager software, we offer best overall Energy Control Solution on the market for commercial purposes. Please feel free to visit our website and see our new IMT550c/w controller at: http://www.proliphix.com/products-network-thermostats-commercial-series-imt550cw.htm
    Thank you!

    • Hi Christine,
      Well, all I can say is: don’t judge a weblog by the first post you read πŸ˜‰ In the past I’ve written about the NT20e more than once and I’ve also had a IMT350 here and posted about that model too. I even helped in extending software for the IMT series so that those could also be integrated in Home Automation (in Europe) too. Just follow this link and you’ll see all my Proliphix related posts.

      Your comment is a bit ‘defensive’ if I may say so, but the fact is that on-off thermostats are losing popularity over here, in favor of modulating thermostats – the best (energy effective) way to control modulation capable central heaters. A link to an on-off IMT550 won’t change that… I think you could say that we moved on to better techniques to efficiently control our heaters.

      But for those that still want (or need) an on-off thermostat, the NT20e or a IMT can still be a good choice!

  8. Brt says:

    Sounds like the Proliphix webcare team is on duty πŸ˜‰

    I agree with you Robert that the Proliphix is a perfect thermostat for on-off central heaters (I’m currently using a NT10) but for the new type of central heaters with modulation functionality it’s better using a ditto thermostat.

    @Christine: Do you guys at Proliphix have plans to add this functionality in your thermostats somewhere in the near future?

  9. George Zahar says:

    I know this is an old project, but I am looking for the API for the Proliphix NT10/20e thermostats and was wondering if you had a copy still. The response from Proliphix was that they do not supply it any longer.


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