Smart meter is on its way

Smart meterLiander, our grid operator for electricity and gas, started installing Smart meters in January 2012. Liander expects that in 2020, 80% of all the households in the area they’re responsible for, will have a Smart meter. I don’t like waiting that long and that’s why I applied for a priority installation of a Smart meter in our house.
That was last weekend; last Tuesday we got the confirmation and next Monday the Smart meter will be installed! 🙂
Wow, that’s fast; probably because the priority installation comes with some extra costs – namely 70 Euro.

But … this is a bit too fast, actually.. I mean, once the new Smart Meter has been installed, we won’t have a gas meter with a reflective “6” anymore which means I won’t be able to monitor our gas usage anymore. Something needs to be done about that, and fast; I hope our kids won’t read this, cause they’ll take advantage of this and immediately turn the shower knobs to ‘full steam’, knowing that I can’t keep an eye on their gas usage! 😉 And I won’t be able to spend time on this before Wednesday, or even later; but there’s hope…

The Smart meter that will arrive next Monday will have a so-called P1 interface. Maarten Damen has already experimented with this and also developed a SmartMeter Plugin for his HouseAgent; this looks like a good opportunity to broaden the horizon and look beyond the software I make myself and see what’s available ‘next door’, as I mentioned earlier.

Well, I hope I can say more about how this worked out soon!

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