Never thought this would happen, but I’m going to try Z-Wave. Yeah! Ow yeah? We’ll see..

Maybe I only read the wrong forum topics and maybe I only talked to the wrong people, but the things I read and heard about Z-Wave never gave me a good feeling about it. Z-Wave users have to deal with scheduled network optimizations, short battery life, incompatibility issues, vaporware, products where the parts have to be held together with some good old DIY with pieces of tape – hell, they sometimes even have to wait for 48 hours before a new device becomes usable… and it’s being accepted by the Z-Wave users?? I don’t get it. I will never accept those kind of things, that’s for sure.

So maybe this Z-Wave adventure will be a very short one. And maybe not. At least I’ll be able to make up my mind about Z-Wave based on my own experiences for a change, once I’ve got my own hardware to test with. Maybe it’s not that bad after all … always an optimist!

The thing that triggered this Z-Wave initiative was a post on the Domoticaforum where this power-strip was discussed as an alternative for one of those vaporware products I mentioned. This powerstrip seems to be a re-branded GreenWave Reality PowerNode and I would really like to have 1 or 2 of those in my house.

So last week I ordered one at the NUON Energy shop (no, you can’t buy Energy in the shop) and ordered a Aeon Labs Z-Stick.

One tiny problem left to solve – the software side of things. From what I’ve read, the best option to get Z-Wave operational is using the OS Open Z-Wave initiative, but how do I make this work in my Delphi based system? Searching for more info revealed very little to start with, and I don’t want to spend too much time on the software side while I haven’t decided if Z-Wave is a go or not… there has to be an easier way for that; at least for this experiment.

HouseAgentAnd there is – HouseAgent. Maarten Damen, the maker of HouseAgent, only lives ‘a few blocks away’ from me and he has also bought this power-strip! And he has made a Z-Wave Plugin for his multi-platform Home Automation software. So why not install HouseAgent, let HouseAgent do the Z-Wave stuff and pull the data I need out of HouseAgent? That would be perfect!

Maarten told me his system has a REST API, which shouldn’t be that hard to interface with, no matter what programming language you use. Right, lets do it!


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