Mounting the roller shutters

Based on a quick scan of my blog it may seem like HomeAutomation / Domotica is all about software and soldering – but it isn’t.  First you have to have the right hardware you want to monitor and/ or control. The roller shutters I installed during the last weekend didn’t need a single line of code 😉

Roller shutters

Roller shutters
Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Drilling holes, using the hacksaw and other ‘power tools’ were needed to create the right ‘setting’ to be able to add another feature to my Domotica system: controlling 12 roller shutters. I installed 8 of them during the last weekend.

After the first rolling shutter I (ever) installed and where everything was new and checked over and over again, the remaining 7 roller shutters were installed with an average time needed of 1- 1.5 hours each. Just do it, I’d say. Once you’ve managed to install the first one, the rest becomes easier and easier.

Last evening I started working on integrating those first 8 roller shutters into my Domotica system. First I had to be able to control the roller shutters with my 16-channel Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter. For that I used a Somfy Telis-1 remote to get the roller shutter into programming mode and sent a command to the RS485 transmitter so that it would transmit something on the channel on which I wanted to control the roller shutter.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re programming the roller shutters, is that you have to do this one at a time: remove the power from all the roller shutters except the one you’re going to program. If you don’t, you’ll be programming multiple roller shutters at the same time, probably resulting in one big mess!

After that I did some tests from my own system. Cool, the roller shutter started moving. Now it was time to upgrade the touchscreen GUI with a few up- and down buttons. Just 1 line of code was enough for each button to control the roller shutter – a simple XMLRPC call to my system did the job.

And again, total integration of a complete new ‘sub-system’ within a few hours after it was installed… I love it!

Roller shutter events

Touchscreen GUI







Roller shutter Status view

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