Arduino OpenTherm Monitor Shield

Yesterday Freddy Martens contacted me. His name rang a bell, because I had seen his name before.. yep,  he is/has also been working on the Pale Blue Dot Opentherm Monitor as can be seen in the comments at the bottom of the page. He sent me an email and told me that  he had some Eagle designs for an Arduino Shield for the OpenTherm Monitor. His design is based on the schematic he found on the Pale Blue Dot site which I mentioned before – here and in earlier posts. And he asked me if I could host his Eagle files. Sure!

Arduino OpenTherm Monitor Shield


The archive contains both a single-layer and a 2-layer design. He also told me that the designs are not perfect – for example, some of the pads are too small. But this could be a good starting point for others. So if you’re interested, just download the OpenTherm4Arduino archive.

Freddy also provided some images he made of his Arduino OpenTherm Monitor shield, which can be seen here.

Have fun!

Current status on my own OpenTherm Monitor project is that I’m getting lots of decoding errors- but I’m not giving up yet!


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4 Responses to Arduino OpenTherm Monitor Shield

  1. Richard says:

    Kun je hiermee enkel de opentherm mee monitoren of ook setpoints overschrijven?
    Heb nu de opentherm gateway maar wil ook wel eens zien hoe ver we komen met de arduino.
    Ben nu een arduino via seriele verbinding aan het aansluiten op de gateway, maar dit is leuker.

  2. Lukas Krchnak says:

    Hi,any update? I would like to control my heting by Arduino,can I help with this project? Thank you!


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