No more painful toes

This evening I wrote a sketch to protect my toes better. The sketch switches the LED strip on and off based on motion detection by 2 PIRs. It works 😉

The blue LED on the Protoshield indicates when there is motion detected by the PIR. The motion detection turns the LED strip on and it will stay on until a period of 15 seconds with no motion has passed – only then, the LED strip is turned off again.

The sketch takes care of the “soft on/off” feature, by gently raising or lowering the brightness during a configurable time-span.

All that’s left to do is cleaning up the code, solder some wires, wait for the enclosure to arrive and give the LED strip, PIRs and Arduino enclosure a place under the bed.

Simple, yet very convenient automation 🙂

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7 Responses to No more painful toes

  1. DJ says:

    Would love to see pictures how it looks at night when the led strip is turned on!

  2. Michel says:

    Hi Robert, again a nice project and application!! Very nice!

    And again I have been thinking about the same application, just don’t have the time and bandwidth to do all these things.

    Great work!


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  4. daniel says:

    Hi, have you published the code to be used for this great device? I would like to do it but am too new to arduino to pretend to write one.

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