Nemef Radaris Evolution and Homeseer

Last summer I became the proud owner of a Nemef Radaris Evolution electronic door lock. It’s in use for 6 months now and has been unlocked almost 1800 times. In that period of 6 months, the Nemef Radaris Evolution has proven itself as a really solid and reliable piece of equipment. I’ve never seen nor heard of a better solution (no, I don’t work there). If I would have written a full scale review about the Radaris Evolution, the conclusion would have been  “Highly Recommended” – but since I don’t do reviews, you’ll have to do with just the conclusion 😉

Combine the Nemef Radaris Evolution furniture with a Nemef RF Module and you’ve got all the the ingredients to fully integrate the Nemef Radaris Evolution door lock(s) into your Domotica system. However, that’s where things get harder – as far as I know, there’s no (consumer) software available for the connection between the Nemef Radaris Evolution and Home Automation systems. No Plugin, module, app or anything like that to monitor and/or control the Nemef Radaris. Only 3 guys (I know of) have implemented this in their own homebrew system; Pieter Knuvers is one of them.

But this can change very rapidly; I’m working on a Homeseer Plugin for the Nemef Radaris Evolution.

Homeseer Plugin screenshot



With this Plugin (and a Nemef RF Module (dutch link)) it will be possible to monitor and control up to 4 Nemef Radaris Evolution (dutch link) door furnitures. Opening the door, badge management (yep, you can stow away your programming card), viewing historical data (what badge was used where and when), it’s all in the Plugin. Want to give a badge access only during a certain time period on a certain day? The Nemef Radaris Evolution Plugin and a small script can accomplish just that.

The basis of the Plugin is almost finished now; I already tested the basic functionality by feeding my own historical data to the Plugin and this looks just fine.

Now it’s time to provide the necessary event triggers to Homeseer, so that the Nemef Radaris Evolution door furnitures can really become a part of that bigger picture, called Home Automation. 😉


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3 Responses to Nemef Radaris Evolution and Homeseer

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  2. domokun says:

    I have a few questions, can this be installed on any front door (replace existing lock)? If so, is the installation easy?

    • I don’t see why not; the Nemef Radaris Evloution comes in many different dimensions. I didn’t do the installation myself; but the person who did, had special molds for his milling machine as you can see here and here. My advice would be to ask a local dealer to select the right lock for your door.

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