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One thing I really hate is when hardware is not working.

Blue screens

Last November and December will be remembered as the “Blue” months, because of the amount of Blue Screens (BSOD) I got. And the problem (with me) is that I just can’t work on anything else, knowing that some piece of hardware can suddenly break down (again). These things consume all my time and energy until it’s fixed.. but I think I’ve got it fixed now!

This time my rather new Hyper-V server was suffering from BSOD’s. It started in November and it got even worse in December; I even had to show the rest of the family what button had to be presssed to get this server on his feet again for when I was not at home.. big fail! Life did still go on of course, but when your complete Domotica system and Internet connection stops working, you realize how much you’re used to ย all the “good stuff” it brings and how fast you think you can’t live without it anymore.

This time it was one of the SDRAM modules inside the server that was causing these BSODs. But since I didn’t want to just start replacing hardware components randomly, I had to be sure what exactly was causing these blue screens. So I waited until I had enough BSOD occurrences to justify buying a new set of 4 x 4GB RAM modules. So on December 24th of 2011 I replaced the RAM and the problem disappeared – I’m back in business!

I know I’ll never be able change the fact that my productivity drops below zero when I’m facing these kind of problems. On the other hand, a few years ago I would have thrown this malfunctioning server out the door and start building a new one immediately – but now I take my time, observe where the errors come from and solve the problems in a more relativistic way. OK, I will miss some power consumption “blips”; I have to turn on the lights manually, etcetera – but after all, it’s just a hobby ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is one nice side effect of all this, and that’s that while I was going through all the scenarios to solve the issue, I found a list of components with which I can build a new sub-20W server with even more processing power than I have now. That’s a reduction of 33% in power consumption… sounds tempting!

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  1. Carel says:

    Would be great if you could publish the component list for a sub 20 W server. Thanks for the nice site!

    • An Intel i3-2100T, Intel H67 chipset motherboard, a PicoPSU and SSD drives will keep you below 20W. In idle of course ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Disabling IGP (my server is headless) could help to make power consumption even lower.

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