HB sensors finished and installed

Almost ready to start investigating hydronic balancing (HB) … 😉













Everything is in place and working except for 1 sensor, which is too far away from the receiving JeeNode (which forwards all the data to my Domotica system). So I’ll have to build another RF receiver for that; the missing parts will arrive tomorrow I hope. In the meantime I started creating a webpage to display all the information I want to observe, so I don’t have to switch between browser tabs and go from one page to the other. Another thing that has to be done is program the thermostat, so that the boiler will have to burn at full power for a few hours every day, so that I can see what happens.  I’ve already seen some things that need to be adjusted!


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  1. Henk says:

    Well done, remember you are only measuring the surface temperature not the real water temperature. If you remove the cover you can place the senors more close to the radiator I expect an higher temperature difference there.
    If you take a look on the Jaga site, you can find the technical details from the valve you are using.

    Good luck,


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