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Yesterday, late in the evening, I saw an intersting post on the Domoticaforum; airox added  (among many other things)  a way to send notifications from his Home Automation system to Android devices by using the Notify My Android (NMA) platform. Hey, that sounds interesting; I just had to check it out today!

After registering and generating the first API key, I could start sending my first notification. The API is simple to use, and the code I had to write for my (home-brew) Domotica system was too:Delphi code for using NMA


I installed the NMA App from Google Market on both my HTC Desire HD and my Asus Transformer TF101 and sent my 1st notification. Cool! Now I can choose between SMS, Notifications and email, and send more messages to my phone than I currently do. For example, I send a SMS to my mobile every time the doorbell rings, cause I like to know about deliveries of new goodies 🙂 Some other, less important events, are sent by email. Now a third option is available, which looks really cool, if I may say so 😉

 Notify My Android



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  1. airox says:

    Yeah! NMA is a really nice platform. And it’s push based… so it’s blazingly fast 😉

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