MAX!imum irritation level reached

I just don’t get it. The ELV MAX! heating control system is probably the most unfinished product I have ever seen in my life. What were they thinking @ ELV when they decided to start selling it? We’ll fix the remaining bugs with some firmware releases afterwards? Cause this product has not been tested thoroughly, I can tell you that!

I was very close to kicking these Radiator Thermostats right off the radiators; a well-placed kick against those things should be enough, since it’s all plastic.

What happened? When the clock was set back one hour last weekend (Sunday morning @ 03:00 to be precise), the Max Cube LAN Gateway suddenly started closing the TCP/IP connection every 10 minutes. Or maybe it even rebooted itself; I don’t know cause I didn’t bother to check that. I was completely done with MAX!. I can’t think of anything else than the internal time keeping of the MAX Cube being the cause of this.. well done guys, and thanks for this mature and reliable product!

ELV MAX! sucks


Nothing helped to get the Cube going again, so this evening I had to perform a factory reset and teach in all the Radiator Thermostats again. I stopped after teaching in just 2 of the 8 Radiator Thermostats  I have; the fun is completely gone; I have to regain confidence before I teach in the other 6 Thermostats. I don’t like MAX! anymore and for me, ELV has been demoted to a company that sells crap. I’ve just had too much problems with it.

And yes, I was very pissed when I wrote this. Working with products which have so many flaws and for which I payed almost 300 Euro makes me angry, very angry. It sucks away all the fun… I’ve never ever had this experience before, actually. But hey, that’s why I’m writing these posts –  the passion for Domotica and the fun I have with doing what I do, day after day. Disappointments like this seem to come with the territory…

Now it’s time for some soothing soldering therapy 😉

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3 Responses to MAX!imum irritation level reached

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  2. HansN says:

    Hm, I was considering these, but now that I read this I’m not so sure anymore.
    However, I see on your main page that you are still using them. Right? Have you managed to solve the problems?
    As far as I know there aren’t many alternatives yet. I’ve read about EvoHome, but some people are complaining about that system too.

    • Robert Hekkers says:

      You’re right, I’m still using them. I managed to work around some of the issues I had and after that it worked OK. IMO, the ELV Max! system was still in beta when I started using it; I think that was the root cause of all the problems I had. Last year I did a firmware upgrade and I’m satisfied with how it works right now.

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