Preparing for the winter

Yep, it’ll be there before you know it. Last week our central heating spent some time in CH (Central Heating) mode, so my ELV MAX project has moved to the top of my to-do list for the next days. No more soldering, sketches or other intermezzo for a few days…

Temperature Dialog

With the basic interfacing already finished some time ago, I also started working on the other end sooner than I usually do: the GUI, so I won’t make that same mistake again. Normally the thermostats will run on their weekly program; with 13 switchpoints per day I don’t think that manually adjusting the temperature will be used much, but without the possibility of changing the temperature this way, it’s no fun, right. On the floor-plan of our house, which is the ‘home page’ of our touchscreen GUI (I should update that picture some day, a lot has been added in 2 years!) in the living room, I created a button in every room that will have MAX radiator thermostats. Touching one of these buttons will show a very basic (and still a bit ugly) dialog with a track-bar to override the temperature. This dialog is nearly finished; all I have to add is an additional combo box to set the date/time at which the radiator thermostat should return to the weekly program again. I will not be able to control each individual radiator thermostat BTW; I chose for temperature control per room and not per radiator, cause I think that will be enough.

I also updated my Domotica system yesterday, so I can test all the functions which are finished and ready to use all day long. And since I had to make sure I know exactly where all the Radiator Thermostats are installed (not in a textual way like ‘Bathroom’ in the device description, but by assigning locations id’s), I have finally categorized all my devices (actors, sensors, interfaces etcetera) on building- (we also have a littlle shed in the garden 😉 ), floor- and room level.  With more than 200 items to categorize, it won’t surprise you that some of the devices in my database are currently listed as ‘unknown’: I don’t know where they all are anymore?!

All I have to do now is order some more Radiator Thermostats and write code for the weekly program administration.  Coding will probably take less time than waiting for the delivery, so a turnaround of 10 days should be doable… MAX!

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5 Responses to Preparing for the winter

  1. ruszomir says:

    I’m strongly interested in buying a set of ELV’s.

    But in my home I have Central Heating gas stove (?) which is controlled by old fashioned (but programmable) thermostat that is placed in one room.

    The question is: is there a device that connects to ELV’s Radiator Thermostat or Cube that can turn on my heating stove in the way the old one does?

    • The ELV MAX system doesn’t (it can’t) control your heating; neither by on/off nor opentherm. It assumes there’s always enough hot water in your heating system, so that changing the radiator valve will suffice in controlling the temperature.

  2. ruszomir says:

    I was thinking that way:
    as we know the communications code of ELV MAX system, we can read the status of actuator (open/close) of each radiator thermostat, thus we can turn on oven if at least one radiator is open.

    So – the biggest problem is to build a device that can communicate with RadiatorThermostat or Cube.

    Reading your pages I see that you can read temperatures – so maybe it would be easy to build a device as I described.
    I was thinking of using some uC with ethernet interface or openwrt firmware with router.

    I’m just curious of your opinion.

  3. ruszomir says:

    Thanks Robert for you replies.

    It seems that it could be more complex that I expected to program without PC.

    Thanks for your time.


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