Updating the all-in-one remote

Pronto Media Player Activity

Pronto Media Player Activity

I got some complaints lately, from “the people in the livingroom”…

For me, the excitement is in being able to control everything, but not in actually using it in the most convenient way… so sometimes I just don’t finish what I should, just because it’s not that exciting anymore – it works, right? So on to the next job! But this week I was remembered to the fact that I have to keep that WAF in mind a bit more. OK.. lets see how I can keep everybody happy again.

A new media player and a new A/V receiver make watching TV or listening to the radio a bit more complex, and I still hadn’t updated my Pronto to deal with those 2 new devices. So in June this year, when we started using the new A/V Receiver and media player, the number of remotes went up from 1 to 3 again; that’s a lot of new buttons to remember and too much for some; cause we’re all used to using just one remote for all A/V equipment – our Pronto TSU9600! A great remote, which can be totally customized to your own taste and needs. The complaints forced me to do something about the fact that the usefulness of the Pronto had dropped a lot (or slightly, in Onkyo terms…). Listening to the radio and using the media player were the 2 activities that had to be added to the Pronto and some other activities needed some adjustments.

I created a Prontoscript library some time ago which makes it very easy to communicate with my Domotica system. It’s based on XML-RPC and with some wrapper routines a single line of Prontoscript code ‘under a button’ can do just about anything I want: lights, A/V, viewing webcams, opening doors, whatever; as long as my Domotica system can do it, I can control it from my Pronto. As an example, here’s the script that will do all that’s necessary to listen to the radio (the last selected radio station, that is):


With just a single touch of a button on the touchscreen of the the Pronto, this script takes care of turning on the A/V receiver, selecting FM radio and setting the master volume to a preset value.

Was it hard to do this? No, it took me less than an hour.  But the result is, that now everybody considers this (home) automation project finished..


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  1. Gijs van Dulmen says:

    Haha! Made me smile.

    And I agree completely. A good home automation system has a good user interface 🙂

    We should meet again (or maybe with some other people) for an evening of talk about home automation 🙂



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