Building the sensor hub

The basic ideaBecause I’m working on 4 different things simultaneously, all 4 of them are not progressing as fast as they could. And this new sensor hub is not top priority, so sometimes it takes a while before I can spend some time on it. The last few days I came up with some basic idea; this is what I have in mind for my sensor hub.

The lower side of the enclosure will have all the connectors for power and other wires to the sensors and the upper side is where a small 5V power adapter with USB connector (of which I bought a couple recently, for only 5 euro/piece) and cable will provide the necessary ‘juice’ to the Arduino Fio.

The FTDI breakout on the left is just for uploading sketches (and for power, while it’s still here on my desk).

Inside the enclosure there’s a half-size (400 points) breadboard with double-sided tape that will hold the Fio and the required wiring. Cheap and simple; and since this setup will take care of 4 of my all-in-one sensors, I can live with the fact that it’s not battery powered. This certainly doesn’t mean I’ll never build battery powered sensors anymore…

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  1. martin says:

    Nice work. Where did you get the 230VAC USB power adapters for 5 eur? 🙂

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