Air power!

The Dutch AH-64D Apache Solo Display Team

Yesterday my son and I visited the Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days. Wow! It has been a long time ago since I visited these Dutch Air Force Open Days; I think the last time was when I just got my driver license, which is about 20 years ago.

It all happened because our son bought a 1/32 Revell model of the Apache last week, for just 5 Euros in a local shop. We were searching for images of the Apache and just accidentily “landed” on the website of the Air Force Open Days. We talked about going there the next time it would take place, looked at the dates and saw the event was yesterday – we were lucky! 🙂

We got out of bed at 06:30 and arrived at the Air Force Base Leeuwarden at 08:45. There was just too much to see in 1 day; we were in a constant dilemma of watching the aerobatics or visiting the static show, stands and other exciting things to do, especially for the youth. The image above shows the Dutch AH-64D Apache Solo Display Team in action, one of the most exciting performances we’ve seen yesterday. We had a great time on a well-organized event, with lots of exciting things to see and do -and our son can now redecorate his bedroom with all the posters he took home. I’m sure that visiting the Open days of the Dutch armed forces will become a tradition again!

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