Unlocking the Nemef Radaris Evolution lock

Having a remotely controllable door lock is great; being able to unlock the door with a keyfob or access card too. Especially when you compare it to the old-fashioned key method. My front door key is getting rusty, it’s not used anymore! On the other hand, when I’m at home I usually don’t have my keychain with me all the time; key-chain, cell phone and wallet have their own place in the living room so I always know where to find them.

So what happens when someone rings our doorbell? Before I can walk to the front door, I’ll have to get my key-chain cause I can’t open the door without it anymore. The simplest remedy for this is laying a keyfob or access card near the front door (in our case, on the stairs) and use that one to operate the lock. Simple and easy.

But there’s a much better solution for this! The Nemef RF Module has 3 inputs, of which input 1 can be used to temporarily unlock the Nemef Radaris Evolution. So what I did is mount a momentary on switch to the wall and connect the wires to the RF Module. Done! No more badge on the stairs and a simple push of the button is enough to unlock the door.

Momentary lock switch

My Domotica system will be notified of this push by a so-called Hardware Status Response in which a specific bit will have changed from 0 to 1, indicating that input 1 is low. Once the button is released, the same response will be received again but now with a value of 0 for the input1 bit.

After that, when the door is actually opened, Status Responses are received which reflect the changes to the lock  status, caused by opening the door and the subsequent closing of the door again. Normally, when a badge is used to unlock the door, these Status Responses are preceded by Badge Responses, so it’s very easy to detect whether the unlock was caused by using a badge or by pushing the momentary switch.


Another great tool is the Lock Action command; this command enables you to temporarily open the lock (the lever can be used to open the door). In our situation, this means the touchscreen in the living room can be upgraded with an extra button for opening the front door. When the doorbell is pressed, the touchscreen automatically switches to the front door camera page so we can see who’s there. From now on, with the Nemef Radaris Evolution lock integrated in our Domotica system, pushing the ‘open’ button on the touchscreen is enough to let that person in 🙂



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