The Nemef RF Module

From a Domotica perspective, our new Nemef Radaris Evolution is nothing more than a closed system. No communication, I/O or other ways to interface with it. But there’s a really good solution to this: the Nemef RF Module!

Nemef RF Module

The RF Module can be used for transmitting an ‘open’ command to Nemef Radaris locks, it can act as a wireless interface for RF Controllers and can also be used with products of other manufacturers. Last but not least this RF Module has a RS485 interface for easy integration into existing systems. The open ASCII protocol that is being used for the RF Module makes the combination of the Nemef Radaris Evolution and RF Module a complete solution for integration into any Domotica system, including mine.

The RF Module is also equipped with 4 relay outputs capable of switching max. 24V AC/DC @ 0,8A. On top of that, this RF Module has 3 inputs (the middle terminal block with the 6 connectors) which can be used for various pre-programmed purposes. More on that later.

In my case, the RF Module is connected to a RS48RS485 converter5 to Ethernet converter so that I can ‘talk’ to the Nemef RF Module over Ethernet.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on the software side of things; classes that represent the RF Controller, RF Module and Badges have been developed and an interface class which takes care of handling the protocol and delivering the protocol data to the corresponding device class instances.

A preliminary version of the resulting page showing some of the information that’s available can be found here.

This RF Module enables me to:

  • Lock/unlock the door from my Domotica system (hence, from wherever I am);
  • Badge administration: adding and deleting badges from the RF Controllers memory and granting access to the in- and/or outside readers;
  • Configure the 3 inputs of the RF Module;
  • Switch the 4 relay outputs.

And of course, my system gets notified of all the real life events taking place on the Nemef Radaris Evolution, like

  • a badge that has been detected by a reader (which badge, which reader, whether access has been granted);
  • the status of the controller (deadbolt position, battery condition, latch status);
  • changes on each of the 3 inputs.

All this is done without the need for polling or any other kind of continuous communication; cool ; what more do you want..

More on the advantages of using the Nemef RF Module in an automated (home) environment later!

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