Visonic interface without a Powerlink

Whoa, some articles I wrote about the Visonic Powerlink a couple of months ago, seem to be rather popular again the last couple of days; I can see that in the WordPress Site Stats panel. And I can also tell you why; it’s because there are a number of people that have joined forces recently to reveal the protocol that’s being used by the Powerlink to communicate with the Visonic Powermax (Plus/Pro) alarm system. And for some reason people land om my blog, although my articles are not really related to the latest progress that is being made on opening up the Visonic PowerMax alarm systems.

It all started by a user named utz who started a topic on the MiCasaVerde forum and started another topic on the Domoticaforum Europe some weeks later, asking for help on reverse engineering the RS232 communication between the Visonic alarm system and the Powerlink. Well, he got some help allright 🙂 A member of the Domoticaforum even started a fundraising to buy a Powerlink especially for this goal – interfacing with the Visonic system without the need for a Powerlink!

Visonic RS232 moduleYes, all you need to communicate with your Visonic alarm system is a Visonic RS232 module, which will save you around 150 Euro on the Powerlink(2) hardware. Another advantage of bypassing the Powerlink is that the RS232 method always works (haven’t read any problems so far), in contrary to the stablity issues and even complete failure to get a PowerMax Pro communicate with a Powerlink2!

By the time I came back from vacation and read about it on the Domoticaforum, some members had already joined in reverse engineering the protocol. There’s even a Wiki for documenting everything that has been discovered about the protocol.  I (and lots of other people) immediately saw the big potential of this RS232 approach, and the decision to buy a RS232 module was made in a split second, cause I wanted to start doing some testing too.

Every now and then you come across a topic of which you think: “Wow, this is cool, very cool!”  This is one of those rare topics… thanks to all the guys that are helping on reverse engineering and documenting the protocol, cause this is a real breakthrough regarding integrating a Visonic alarm system into a Home Automation system!

Since I’m currently working on some other project, I haven’t been able to spend much time on this Visonic RS232 hack yet but I will, soon..ASAP…

I’ve got some great plans with this!


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2 Responses to Visonic interface without a Powerlink

  1. Roger says:

    Have you been able to make a connection between the Visonic PowerMax and Insteon systems?

    • Yes, because my Home Automation system can communicate with both.
      So it’s not a direct connection between the 2, but I can let my system turn Insteon modules on based on motion detected by a Visonic PIR. Or turn on ALL the lights when there’s an alarm and make snapshots with cameras, stuff like that.

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