The Nemef Radaris Evolution

Nemef Radaris Evolution

Nemef Radaris Evolution

Since about a month we have a new door furniture on our frontdoor; the Nemef Radaris Evolution. It has been a long-cherished wish to have a electromechanic lock and now we have one, with the Radaris Evolution as matching furniture.

The Radaris Evolution that was installed on our frontdoor is equipped with 2 RFID readers; 1 on the outside and 1 inside and also has a lever on both in- and outside. To access the Radaris Evolution you can use keyfobs, remotes or credit-card sized transponder cards.

The lock is a multi-point lock, which means the lock doesn’t just have a single dead bolt; this lock has 3 hook bolts. This lock certainly provides much more security than the one we had before because this lock is SKG ** security rated and also has the dutch police “safe living” hall mark. Free levers on both sides make sure the mailbox isn’t that much of a security issue anymore either.

It’s obvious that this lock has been designed with security and convenience in mind all the time; we’ve had an electronic lock before, but this Nemef is of a  different league; you just can’t compare those 2.

The Radaris Evolution is battery-operated and can be used with 2 AA alkaline batteries, or if you prefer a longer lifetime, lithium batteries of the same size. Alkaline batteries should be able to keep the Radaris Evolution working  for  a maximum of 5 years or 45.000 operations.

Now why is this Nemef Radaris Evolution so important to write about it on a Domotica related weblog? Well, more about the Domotica link later; I have to finish some things first!

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