Fast, quiet server consuming 32W

In a previous post I wrote about a new server I was building; well, it’s finished and in use for a couple of weeks now; only some minor issues like some scheduled tasks that need some fine tuning, that’s all. It’s working great and it’s very quiet – so quiet, that I suddenly feel the need of playing music in the background, just to avoid the ‘complete silence‘ I’m experiencing now 🙂

After moving all the VM’s to this new i3 server, power usage went up from 28W to an average of 37W; power usage became more jumpy but with the power monitor I use, I can also monitor the average power usage, so the 37W mentioned must be quite accurate.

After the PicoPSU arrived and was installed, the power usage dropped to 32W; that’s 5W less (and almost 14% reduction!) compared to the 80+ BRONZE PSU I already used in this server before the PicoPSU.  I must say that it still looks a bit odd to me, seeing a jack plug coming out of the rear of the case…

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