A perfect fit for the Mantis

A few weeks ago I received a package from Robin, someone I met on Domoticaforum Europe a few years ago, and who’s well known for his design skills. For example, in 2009 he helped me by designing the tickets for a very important soccer game for ‘our’ soccer club:

This would have taken me weeks to create, if I would ever succeed.. Robin finished it within the hour; at least, that’s how I experienced it 😉

And if you ever need a button for a touchscreen, iPad or whatever, Robin is the one to ask for help 🙂

Robin also attended the Arduino workshop and was very interested in the Mantis workshop I attended last year. Now this package he sent to me, contained a few sheets of wood and perspex. I knew a package would arrive, a few hints were already given by email and I knew that Robin was working on his own Mantis, so I had some idea what it was – a dust cover for the Mantis!








Wonderful, just what I needed. Lack of time and all kinds of other problems prevented me from working on/with the Mantis this year, but this beautiful gift will surely contribute to picking up the Mantis project again. Thanks Robin! I owe you one 🙂


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  2. tom says:

    what software do you use to control the cnc?

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