Proliphix Plugin finished

Today I finished the Homeseer Proliphix Plugin I wrote about before. In short, the updated Plugin has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Celsius support;
  • Support for the IMT series thermostats;
  • Support for the IMT series Humidity sensor.

Although I received the code only for adding Celsius support, I’m sure the Homeseer guys won’t mind I added those other 2 items as well 🙂

I was fortunate to have a IMT350 here, sent to me by a Domoticaforum member who found out that the IMT350 wasn’t supported by the current version of the Plugin and asked me to have a look at it. So I did, and in the process I added support for the IMT350 to the Plugin.

Together with another Homeseer user who volunteered as beta tester for the Plugin, we accomplished the 3rd item in the list, support for the Humidity sensor. While I was writing the code for the IMT350, I realized that the first thing that would be missing, was support for the humidity sensor and I just couldn’t leave it like that; it felt like delivering an unfinished product, so I decided to throw in some extra lines of code to make the Humidity sensor readings accessible as well. After some ‘research’ (I’m not a Homeseer user, you know) I found out how to do this, and also found a way to get Humidity readings into HSTouch (with the help of that same beta volunteer who tested my findings). Below a HSTouch screenshot, including the humidity:

Another project finished, still dozens to go!

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