Preparing the software side

Watching bits and bytes scrolling over my screen is OK for a while, but when I want to do some serious analysis of what is going on, I need to write some software. I could create a very small app that would identify the ZigBee IO Data Sample frames and show me the relevant data in a human readable way; but actually, the simplest way is to extend my Domotica system; all I need is available in there. So I did just that. With a few lines of code I was able to extend my XBeeRadio class to support this new Frame Type – the rest (logging, database, historical data, GUI, remote control of outputs) becomes available for free. So I did:

A few lines of code

Running a second (development) instance of my Domotica system on my PC resulted in the following grid on my website:

XBee I/O pins exposed

I’m ready to do some testing…

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