Added the end-stops

Last weekend  I spent some time on my Mantis again. The additional end-stops had arrived, so I mounted them:

Y+ end-stop

Y- end-stop

X+ end-stop


After that, I was busy doing all kinds of things, but none of them Mantis related: a X-Mas tree, some ‘experiments‘ with LEDs and LEGO, repairing a laptop and 2 movies later, the weekend was over. But I do get very close now to some serious testing! I saw the X-axis needs some more adjusting cause it’s fitted too loose to be accurate, but apart from that, I’m almost ready to go!

Now the software part gets important; I’ll have to read a bit more about G-Code and the most important codes, so that I can ‘read’ the G-Code myself and understand what it all means. And once I’ve created a G-Code file that works, the first test run will probably be with a pen or pencil instead of the rotary tool and a piece of paper on the bed, just to make sure the Mantis doesn’t make any sudden movements that can be damaging.

Would I manage to create something useful before the end of this year?

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