Timeouts result in new work

With several items out of stock and waiting for new deliveries, I don’t have that much to do the last couple of days. Well, that’s not whole truth, really… birthday parties and other social things can also consume a lot of time. This sounds a bit negative, as if social things don’t matter, but that’s not what I mean of course. It’s just that there’s less time left for all those other things I like to do. Most of the times this just leads to shorter nights… but not in December.

Another factor why I’m not that productive in December is that this month has always been one of the busiest months of the year for me as long as I can remember since I work for a ERP software house. New customers going live, starting a new financial year, doing inventory, starting up with new software etc. etc. always make those last weeks of the year very busy. Holidays between Christmas and New year? Not for me, but I don’t care if all goes well in the first week of January.

So there are a few good reasons to slow down my evening activities a bit during this month. Yep, I admit, I even watched 2 soccer games on TV this week. Normally, I hear my wife shouting “goal!” from the living-room, which makes me rush there and if I’m quick enough, I can watch the replay.. 🙂 OK, so I’m spending more time in the living-room these days. But this also has some side-effects; I’m suddenly behaving more like a “user” than a “creator” of my own Domotica system. And sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing at all.

For example, I am really missing some things on my Pronto! Picture this: I am sitting in the living-room, watching TV and I hear a “click” coming from my cell phone. This “click” tells me I have a new email, but since the phone is too far away to pick it up (about 5 steps), I can’t see what this new email is about.

And I really don’t like that; knowing that I’ve got unread email. But I don’t want to stand up and walk to my cell phone (or my PC or laptop) to check it either!

Aha.. a new item for my to-do list. I’m going to add email support to my Pronto, that’s what I’m going to work on from now, instead of watching something I can very well do without!

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