Adding the end-stops

Sometimes it’s good to follow a certain path to a goal; not skipping those less interesting things that have to be done to build something that’s really finished. That’s why I decided to not go rushing towards building something  asap with the Mantis, but take one step at a time; all the steps! One of those is adding end-stops to the 3 axes. The Ultimaker board has 6 screw terminals to which you can connect switches; in this case, micro switches. Each axis can be ‘protected’ by 2 micro-switches, so that the stepper motor will automatically be halted by the software when a limit is reached. Sounds like a good idea to implement, so I did, although I was tempted to skip it – I want to see the Mantis building something! I have to restrain myself, or I’ll end up with a partly finished “thing”; and we all know what happens next with those.. nothing!

So I didn’t skip adding these end-stops, cause I know that if I skip this step now, I’ll never do it.

X- end stop Z- end stop

So no rush, taking it one step at a time… and to be honest, with the current weather conditions I don’t really feel like starting a garden irrigation project anyway! 🙂

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