Arduino Workshop

Yesterday the Arduino Workshop that Lennart and I organized, took place in Velsen. Quite a day it was… Leaving home @ 06:45, picking up 2 hitchhikers and arriving at 09:40.

Arduino on a breadboardThe workshop started with a presentation by Lennart, followed by handing over the kits and handouts to the participants. And then it didn’t take long before the tables were crowded with soldering irons, laptops, breadboards, ATMega’s, jumper wires and so on. For some this was the first time they ever had a soldering iron in their hands, others brought their own soldering iron with them; the level of experience was very broad. But, by helping each other, most people managed to create a breadboard Arduino with a blinking LED, and went home with a soldered Bridge Board, Room Board and JeeNode 🙂

During the day Jean Claude Wippler also demonstrated his reflow setup and I wanted to demonstrate the HomeSeer Integration of the JeeNodes. However, at the moment suprème, something went terribly wrong: my JeeNode, which had worked flawlessly the whole day and made Homeseer speaking “Motion” all the time, suddenly refused to work.. What a bummer! And nothing helped; rebooting the laptop, changing COM ports, nothing! Aargghh!!

Arduino Workshop

It was 20:30 when I came back home. Enough for today… well, that’s what I thought during the 1st hour… but I just couldn’t cope with the fact that my demonstration didn’t go as planned. I just had to see it working again! So I took the JeeLink and JeeNode with me to my hobby room, booted my PC, hooked them up and started HomeSeer. Guess what… it worked, as if it had never stopped! I don’t recall inviting Mr. Murphy to our workshop, but apparently he did pay us a visit in the afternoon…

The description of how to get the HomeSeer integration working is all in the handout, so I’m sure all the participants that want to get this working will have no problem doing that at home.

Despite the fact that I was not able to demonstrate the Homeseer part, I’m looking back on a successful day on which I hope the participants have learned a lot – enough to catch the Arduino fever! 🙂

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4 Responses to Arduino Workshop

  1. Michel (aka spierie) says:

    Robert, It might have been that by the time you wanted to demonstrate, there were multiple Jeenodes active with RF and maybe the same settings you were using….. Or at least enough RF interference.

    But a fine day it was!!


    • Hi Michel,

      Yes, that’s the only reason I can think of why it wasn’t working.. but after all, it was a great day, for all I guess.
      BTW, thanks again for providing the space, very much appreciated!

  2. tankslappa says:

    What fun – looks like my kitchen table 😉

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