Reviving old stuff

This is something I really like about the world getting smaller and smaller all the time: finding spare parts is a lot easier than before. Whenever a device stops working, whether it’s a PC or anything else with a power cord, it eventually ends up on my desk with the question “can you fix it?”. Since opening things is one of the favorite things to do, I never let a chance go by to do just that, as with this old 8mm film projector. There seemed to be something wrong with the film transport inside; well, that’s quite an understatement as you can see:

8 mm film projector Vulcanized belt

The belt was completely vulcanized and came out in pieces, all dirty and sticky and needed to be replaced.

Now where do I find a replacement? I measured the diameter for this belt, but could not find a suitable one.

OK, this won’t lead to anything good; let’s search on the brand and model of this film projector. Bingo, first hit! There seems to be a Dutch company specialized in digitizing old 8mm films and they also have spare parts for numerous old film projectors. And they even have a web shop … A few clicks later, the right belt was ordered. Now this film projector will be revived in a couple of days, so our children can see what their mummy looked like when she was their age 🙂

I wonder if I would have gone through all the hassle to find a suitable belt in the pre-Internet ages: finding a shop in town that will help me find the replacement, ordering it, going back to the shop once more to get it, etc. etc… Yuck!

Maybe it’s a good idea to digitize these 8mm films before another part of the projector breaks down…

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