Better than the real thing

This time I won’t post about my own Domotica adventures, but someone else’s: Menno van Gennip.  A few days ago Menno posted on the Domoticaforum about his self-made Remeha Calenta interface. For several reasons, his work just needed to be mentioned here.

First of all, the way Menno improved on the TTL-RS232 converter is beyond my knowledge and absolutely a great improvement. Menno added galvanic isolation to protect the Remeha. Second, he added an Ethernet interface based on a Ethernet-serial Wiznet module:

Galvanic isolation

Third, Menno put all the electronics in a nice enclosure including status LEDs:

Inside the enclosure Interface enclosure

Fourth, Menno created 2 Homeseer scripts that makes the whole thing ‘Homeseer-ready’, including CRC checks and all:


The screendump below shows the Homeseer status screen with all the information from the Remeha Calenta (click it for a larger view):

And last but not least, the reason why I like Menno’s effort so much is that this is a very good example of what can be accomplished by sharing knowledge; Menno’s knowledge about electronics combined with my earlier findings about the Remeha Recom protocol resulted in a interface that’s even better than the “real thing”, being the Remeha Recom and the Remeha Interface cable ! (for us Domotica enthusiasts, I mean).

Chapeau, Menno!

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2 Responses to Better than the real thing

  1. Maaswinkel says:

    I really love this possibility of the remeha calenta. Two weeks ago a installed my own calenta at home and of course connected it to my network with a similar interface. My interface is based on the wiznet 110sr. I can view my calenta with the recom software. Because I am not using homeseer I am trying to find a way to read the calenta data by a php script or standalone program for windows. The goal is to store the data every 5 minutes or so to the mysql database so I can use this data on my domotica interface which I am programming myself in php and javascript….

    Any help (if possible) would be great…

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