Different breadboards

As part of preparation for the Arduino Workshop, I was soldering a new Bridge Board a few days ago. The Bridge Board is, just like the AA Power Board, a very handy tool that helps you  keep all those experiments you do on a breadboard clear, simple and easy to build.

After soldering the row of pins that will be pushed into the breadboard, I wanted to see what it was going to look like. I took a random breadboard and immediately saw something was wrong here.. I’ll never be able to connect the JeeNode to the Bridge Board ?! This is strange; this being a design flaw was out of the question of course, so I took another random breadboard. Now the Bridge Board (better: the breadboard :-)) dimensions are correct! Just look at the horizontal white line across the Bridge Board; this should be in line with the outside of the breadboard:


The cause is quite obvious: not all breadboards are equal in size (click the images for more detail). The left breadboard that fits perfectly has a width of 54.2 mm while the breadboard on the right, which is unusable in combination with the Bridge Board, measures 64.5 mm. Well, this is something I never realized before: even breadboards with the same amount of tie points can have different dimensions. So much for standardization…

So if you’re a potential Bridge Board user, watch out what breadboards you buy.

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