All those adapters

It’s time to follow up on some energy saving tricks I know about for quite some time, but which I didn’t implement yet.

A couple of places in my house are crowded with power adapters. One of them is the meter cabinet. Over the last 5 years, the number of devices just kept on growing, and of course they all came with their own power adapter. And when you touch those adapters, you can feel they all produce heat. Some are really warm actually, and look quite old. And heat means inefficiency; so it was time to make a list and see if I can reduce the amount of power supplies. It looks better, and from what I’ve heard from others, this exercise can  result in a relatively substantial yet ‘easy’ way of saving energy. So let’s do it!

So what do we have in the meter cabinet:

  • an old POTS PBX;
  • Visonic Alarm system;
  • Siemens M20T GSM modem;
  • Synology NAS;
  • PLCBUS PLC1141 Interface;
  • ACT TI-213 X10/A10 Interface;
  • RFXCOM RFXMeter;
  • Sollae EZL-400;
  • D-Link 8-port 1Gbps switch;
  • Alphatronics Visonic receiver;
  • Fritz!Box WLAN 7170.

7 of these all have their own power adapter. But looking at the output voltages of these adapters, it comes down to 9V AC, 5V DC and 12V DC. So why not combine those 7 devices to 3 adapters? So I ordered 3 new adapters with a higher wattage that should be able to power those 7 devices.

Power Monitor

Power Monitor

Do I have any idea what I will gain in energy saving by doing this? No, not yet; but I’m going to use my good old Power Monitor PRO for that; I bought that thing at least 10 years ago I guess; I think you can remember those days, when energy saving was considered silly, a waste of time; who cares?? Well, I did 🙂 A lot has changed since then.

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  1. Charles Anderson says:

    I have often thought it would be smart when we wire houses to wire main voltage but also install a 12V system as well. Then you could use 1 twelve volt power supply for the whole house.

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