The surprise-package

As I mentioned earlier, an unexpected package arrived 2 weeks ago. Guess who the sender was: Remeha! That means Remeha must have read my earlier postings about the wonder cable, since this is what came out of the box:

Remeha Recom USB version

The letter that came with it, told me that this cable is a prototype of the Interface cable I wrote about earlier, and that they wished me happy testing with it 🙂

I must admit that this is a very nice gesture of Remeha! Thanks guys!

And of course this prototype is USB; have you ever seen a laptop with RS232 port lately?? No, it’s all USB these days, so if you would ever send out a technician with a laptop to a boiler in trouble, a USB cable is much more convenient than RS-232.

This cable looks very much like the ones i use for my Digi XBees:

3.3V FTDI cable

3.3V FTDI cable

They fit right onto an XBee Adapter and all the stuff that is needed to communicate with a TTL serial device is embedded in the USB connector. That’s why the USB connector is a bit longer than usual. The price of this FTDI cable is around USD 20, so I’m very curious of the price for this new Remeha cable…

Of course, I know why the ‘old’ Recom Interface cable was so expensive; Remeha tries to (partially?) recoup the software development costs by selling it at an unusually high price. But OTOH, these Interface cables are not made for the average consumer, but for professionals; technicians that deal with Remeha boilers on a daily basis and that need the cable for inspection with the use of Recom. I’m curious…

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  1. ME says:

    Some more Remeha-interface info:

    The USB-cable is a FTDI TTL-232R-5V-WE


    webshop of FTDI:

    Connections on RJ-11 connector are with Clip up,
    RJ11-cable to the right, 1-4 from top to bottom

    1 ground –> FTDI black
    2 Tx –> FTDI orange
    3 Rx –> FTDI yellow
    4 5V –> not connected

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