Calenta Interface under construction

I don’t think I ever wanted temperatures to drop and be forced to wear a coat when going outside. No, the warmer the better for me… but this time it’s different… I want to test my newest Interface! But as you can see by the chart below, the weather is not really cooperating:

Thermostat setback and temperature in the living room

Thermostat setback and temperature in the living room

So I think I’ll just have to wait a while for the temperatures to drop before I’m able to test my Interface really well. I finished the part that parses the samples from the Calenta and I created a page on my website that partly shows the values it returns (taken from a real sample coming from the Calenta), but I still have to look into the counters and blockings, of which the latter one can be very interesting with respect to being notified about problems with the Calenta. But first I want to thoroughly test the sample part before moving on. And I’m not going to raise the setback temperature just for the sake of testing…

Remeha Interface sample

Remeha Interface sample

So no more coding on this Interface until this first part is finished and working OK.

Ooh, BTW… DHL paid me a unexpected visit today with a nice surprise… more on that later! 🙂

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